Saturday, May 03, 2008

Chemistry of Materials Web Sites - Chemical Compounds of Plants & Animals

If you are looking for resources and information, about chemical compounds in plants and animals, for your Chemistry of Materials project (my February, 25, 2008 post and December 2, 2009)

try this web site:

Here is an additional web site that you can browse through to find out chemical information:
You might also find some useful information on this web site:
Here is a helpful web site from Chemical and Engineering News:
If your material is a polymer or plastic, here are some web sites that might have some information that you can use:
This web site is called Ask a Chemist, and there are a lot of answers on here that might have helpful information:
Explorations of Everyday Chemical Compounds - Compound Interest

More interesting web sites:

All About Paper
Hall of Fame – Invention Channels: Chemistry
Historical Facts – Toilet Paper
How is Vinyl Made?
How Food Preservation Works
Paper University – Where Students and Teachers Explore the World of Paper!
Plast-O-Matic (Plastics)
The Chemistry of Cosmetics in Ancient Egypt
The History of the Kellogg Company: Invention of Flaked Cereal

United States Patent and Trademark Office; Kids’ Pages
What’s That Stuff? Food Preservatives
What’s That Stuff? Paper