Sunday, April 05, 2009

Cell Structures and Functions Foldable

For those students who are homebound, here are pictures (see below) that show how the cell structure and function foldable was put together. There are four cell structures that are glued onto each edge (16 in all), and the description of the function of each cell structure is glued underneath the flap. This way, students can use this booklet as a study guide. We will also use this booklet for subsequent activities. Other ideas for graphic organizers can be found in:

Zike, Dinah. 2001. Dinah Zike's Big Book of Science for Middle School and High School. Dinah Might Adventure, LP, San Antonio, Texas. web site:

Here is a web site with lesson resources (including a slide presentation) for Comparing the Cell to a Factory - The Cell as System:

My students have designed Posters that illustrate cell analogies, using the 9 cell structures on the Comparing the Cell to a Factory Worksheet.  Here are some of the analogies that they have used:  A cell is like a . . . .
Human Body
Nascar Race
Baseball Team
Marching Band
Pick-Up Truck
Bee Hive
Santa's Workshop
Train Station
Boat (Ship)
Basketball Stadium
Football Team
Friendly's Restaurant

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Pattie J. said...

Thanks for your list of analogies, I was looking for ideas to share with Biology teachers, this is great.