Saturday, March 19, 2011

Protein Synthesis Board Game Project Activity

This project is still in progress, but I am posting what I have right now, and will add more information as the project develops.  I have added a picture.  I would suggest that students be told specifically that they are not allowed to make a puzzle.  I had some students do that because they considered that a game.  A puzzle just didn't quite meet the objectives that I had in mind.  Here are the instructions:

You are to create a board game that illustrates the process of protein synthesis. The objective of the game is to help you, and anyone who plays the game, to become more familiar with the over-all process of protein synthesis; the chemical nature of nucleic acids; and the roles of DNA, mRNA, tRNA, amino acids in the synthesis of proteins.
• The game can be of any sort (card game, board game, computer game, etc.) but it must
conform to the rubric provided on the back of these instructions, otherwise it will not be
• This is not a group project.
• Each person choosing to do this project must submit a typed complete set of rules for the game and include all materials, any game boards, game pieces, and game cards, etc.
• The game rules must include an objective for the game (how is the winner determined), a list of materials provided as part of the game, and any other items not provided with the game such as paper, pencils, etc. There must be a complete set of step-by-step instructions on how the game is to be played. In addition, the game must include a brief statement explaining how the game helps to either test a players knowledge, or helps a player learn more about protein synthesis. You may also incorporate the topics of mutations and cancer into your game, even though they are not required.
Time line:
• This assignment is due on Friday, March 25th.
• NO LATE PROJECTS WILL BE ACCEPTED. If you come to class on March 25th without a project, you will take the Chapter 12 exam.
The grade for this project will be based upon the rubric.
• The grade for the physical game is based upon the rubric and will be worth the same points and percentage as the Chapter 12 exam.
• You cannot do both a project and the Chapter 12 exam, so put some thought into your choice to either do a project, or take the exam. The content in Chapter 12, as well as topics of mutations, and cancer will be on the exam.

The rubric can be found at this link:

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HILER said...

Hi! I'm a Biology teacher in Texas and found your Protein Synthesis game through a google search. This is a great, thought-provoking activity! Do you by any chance have some examples of the games you received? Even pictures would be great. I'd love to see how this turned out! My email address is