Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why Is Evolution Important Now? Antibiotic Resistance

Students participated in an adapted activity found at:
then did the following assignment:

If a bacterium can divide and produce 2 bacteria every 20 minutes, how soon will the two initially surviving resistant germs reach a total of one million organisms? 10 million? 100 million? One billion bacteria? Populations of this size, if pathogenic, are more than adequate to cause great harm.

Students then completed a note-taking study guide that is a companion to the following website:
and other websites listed on the study guide.

Delaware woman treated for rare antibiotic-resistant infection

Students watched Debi's Story about antibiotic resistant tuberculosis, as part of a lesson about why understanding evolution is important now. They also watched a video about diseases.

Students watched a video titled: Why Is Evolution Important Now? This video is available to watch online at:

Information and visual diagrams that explain how antibiotic resistance develops:

Knowledge of evolution assists in choosing the appropriate drugs for treating bacterial infections:

New York Times 2013 - What is we can't control infections?:

Exposure to antibiotics can not only cause resistance to the antibiotics, it can also cause the mutant bacteria to reproduce faster!

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